And we didn't get lost once, and there were no dirt roads (grumble, I need some material to work with here people - somebody has to make a goose of themselves!).

Thanks to the Mollymook Bowling Club for looking after us (damn good steak) and the Milton Bakery for doing our birthday cake.  Our Chapter is going from strength to strength.

However you display the number, it's still a milestone that represents more than a large number of bikes on a ride.  Anybody can achieve that. What this tells us is that we are doing something right, that people want to be a part of what the HOG culture represents and to be part of our Chapter.  HOG is more than riding a bike, it's shared values, camaraderie, safe riding, respect and avoiding dirt roads at all costs....

2017 Anniversary Ride

Our anniversary  ride to celebrate the 5th birthday of our Chapter, and it was a good one.  Understatement much.  This was a milestone for our Chapter - the highest number of bikes on a ride to date - 72!  Seventy Two, LXXII (I admit I had to Google how to state 72 in Roman numerals).