NSW South Coast Chapter put an enormous effort into our part - ensuring the guided rides were well planned, safe and showcased the best this region could offer.  There were also a million and one 'behind the scenes' things that were done to ensure the success of the event and we know we did the region proud.  Click here for an inadequately small selection of just some of the activities captured by our wonderful Chapter members.  So many photos, so little bandwidth.....

A message from our Chapter Director to NSW South Coast Chapter Members:
​"I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your patience, your unwavering support, your effort, your resolve, your loyalty, your generosity and your valuable time these last few months and in particular the last three days, it was nothing less than amazing. Everyone of you have made this great Chapter greater than it ever has been and I can't thank you enough, I love this Chapter and l am so proud of everyone single one of you, proud to be your Director and proud to be your friend."  

Ken (Poppa Bear) McDonald, October 2016

Harley Days - 28-30 October 2016

Wow, what a weekend.  Without a doubt, the single biggest event this Chapter has been involved in.  A  big shout out to Harley Davidson for having the vision to pick Wollongong to showcase the first ever Harley Days in Australia.  And an even bigger shout out to THE NSW SOUTH COAST HOGGIES (yes, deliberate use of caps to emphasise shouting!) for making the event the success it was.