A huge cheer to Harry G who organised the whole weekend brilliantly as always, he kept us well fed and entertained (you know you'll never go hungry when a Greek person is in charge of the catering!).  Thanks again to Murramarang Beachfront Resort for the excellent accommodation.

Oh, about those 'butts' I mentioned earlier - let's just say there was some cheeky behaviour later that night......

As this ride is about rememberance, I'm sure Harry's family won't mind us taking the opportunity to acknowledge the passing of another Chapter member earlier this year - Robert Schueren.  Sadly Robert had not been in the Chapter for very long so we didn't get a chance to know him as well as we would have liked to.  We hope that his time with our Chapter brought him joy.

Harry's Run - 26 August 2017

I have shamelessly reprised some of last year's Ride Wrap Up of Harry's Run because what I wrote then still stands.  This weekend is in celebration of a member no longer with us.  People that have joined the Chapter who never knew Harry still feel it important to be involved. Harry's family join us each year, we know this event means a lot to them, and we hope it continues to honour his memory in a way that makes them proud.

But (and it's a big 'butt', more on that later) as always there is generally something unique that happens on these trips and this one was no exception.  We had some excitement on the way back from Harry's Run - blue and red flashing lights at the back of the pack, local law enforcement poised to deploy road spikes, lots of police cars etc etc. Before you all start gasping in horror, rest assured it wasn't our mild mannered group doing anything naughty.  We got caught up in a police chase.  Certainly something different!