How do you become a member of LOH? LOH membership is administered through HOG Australia. You need to be either a full or associate member of HOG Australia.  To become a member, go to the HOG website,  and tick the LOH box.  If you are already a HOG Australia member, just give HOG a ring on the number listed on the website, quote your membership number and ask to become a LOH member. After joining LOH, patches, badges and information will arrive a few weeks later. If they don’t arrive, please enquire with HOG Australia.

Our Ladies of Harley Officer Michelle will be happy to help with any further information.  You can contact her at

Ladies of Harley (LoH) is about encouraging women to experience and enjoy the Harley Davidson culture and the brand we all adore (and let us admit it girls - the cool clothes) .  LoH is not a separate entity, it's an enrichment of the HOG experience for members of the female persuasion and a way of encouraging women to get involved - in any way.  It's NOT ABOUT WHETHER YOU ARE A RIDER OR A PILLION (sorry to shout, but just trying to emphasise the point) - it's about ladies enjoying the Harley Davidson experience in whatever way works for them.

Ladies of Harley