Reflecting on Ladies of Harley as I was riding today (tee hee, still get a kick out of saying that), I had a vague plan to write this profound little summary about what LoH is all about, then I remembered I'd already done something along those lines (plus I don't do profound after 9pm anyway).  Here is a little more about our Ladies of Harley.  It's about our Chapter supporting and encouraging women to participate in the culture of Harley Davidson - in whatever way they choose.  Some of us ride, some of us pillion (some of us hang around the dealership spending exorbitant amounts of money on HD clothing.  Oh, wait - I do all three) but ultimately it's about bringing the girls together to share the lifestyle, friendship and enrichment that being part of HOG brings to our lives.

Thanks to Julie for doing a bang up job on her first official lead ride as a Road Captain - top job Jules!  And a shout out to everybody who contributed to the organisation and planning and to all other Road Captains today for keeping us all safe, and most importantly every one who participated. Another great ride.

LoH Moruya 2017

After a slightly delayed start due to a certain recently retired member of the NSW constabulary forgetting to pay for his fuel (c'mon - you didn't think I'd let that one slide did you?!) off we went.  Coffee stop at Beewong, then through the Bay finishing up at Moruya for lunch.  It was a great ride, the girls kicked some derriere and it was a great riding experience for this little P plater.  

Considering it's technically the middle of winter, the weather gods smiled upon us today and we had a fabulous warm and sunny day for our LoH ride to Moruya (apart from that little cold bit) - heading home it was 28 degrees!  19 bikes congregated this morning for our ride led by newly minted Road Captain Julie.