Nerriga 500 - 28 May

There is something about this Nerriga ride and extremes of weather!  Like last year's Nerriga 500, we experienced 4 seasons in one day!   

A great turnout of 35 bikes for what promised to be a spectacular ride.   There was not a cloud in the sky and a great vibe in the air.  Off we went, Eelzy and 'Eelzy's Angels' up the front.  An amazing run through Nowra, the pack did not get broken up once - unheard of!  Down to Batemans Bay for a fuel stop before heading up the Clyde Mountain.  The clouds were starting to roll in at this point, but we pushed on through for a good nosh at The Loaded Dog in front of a lovely roaring fire. 

Next stop was supposed to be Nerriga, however it was starting to get wet by now so we continued on.  Oh, and not forgetting the obligatory section of dirt road (Eelzy has a new title - Head Dirt Captain).

We stopped in Bomaderry for goodbyes, which were cut short because it started to rain again!  There were some very soggy Hoggies by the time we all got home.  But despite some challenging bits of weather along the way, it was a fantastic day and one of the best rides we've done in ages.  Special thanks to the Head Dirt Captain for putting together a terrific ride, to the other Road Captains for keeping us safe and most importantly - everybody who participated.  A great day.