Nerriga 500 - 17 April

Although the weather forecast was less than ideal, 18 bikes set out for the Nerriga 500 run.  15 left from Yallah and our intrepid lady riders Michelle and Sandy escorted our newly minted P plater Kerrie to meet us at Nerriga.  

‚ÄčAn unscheduled stop in Berry took place to don the ceremonial robes in order to perform the sacred rain dance.  The ancient ritual of donning the 'wet weather gear' in order to ensure that there was no rain whatsoever was, as always, a complete success.   The rain held off, but the roads were a little moist.

A great run down to Batemans Bay for breakfast/brunch, then some jolly good fun heading up the Clyde Mountain and through to Nerriga for a late lunch.  Thanks to Nerriga Hotel for a great nosh as always.  A good time was had by all!  Thanks to Pooh for leading the ride and and Rear Road Captain Eelzy for looking after us as always.