A warm welcome to all the new members who came along for their first ride, we hope you had a good time.  Big thanks to Eelz and Donna for putting the whole thing together and everybody for turning up and making it a really fun day!

Poker Run - 10 July

Awesome is a very over used word but when you get 32 bikes turning out for a ride in the middle of winter, it was, well.....awesome!  

We were lead by our *trusty* Head Road Captain Pooh, who had a cunning plan to send the pack off on a wild goose chase so he could snaffle the best cards ("now we're going to head north...").  

Fortunately, the group saw through his Machiavellian scheme straight away, quickly figuring out the difference between north and south, and off we went.  Cards were dealt in five different locations across our stunning region, with the winner being declared back at TBH for lunch - well done to one of our junior mascots who won the pot (thinking we might need to introduce 'Kids of Harley' perhaps?!).