It's all about the journey, not the destination and that journey must be a safe one.  Safety, both individually and as a group is of paramount importance to our Chapter and all members and guests on rides are expected to abide by our Chapter Road Rules at all times.

  • Undertake a mechanical check of your bike, check your tyres and ensure you arrive fully fuelled up or at least allow enough time to fuel prior to departure.  If required, fuel stops will be incorporated into the ride along the way,
  • Please arrive with enough time for the pre-ride safety briefing,
  • The Road Captain is responsible for setting the pace and getting to the destination as a group (even if a certain Road Captain who shall remain nameless occasionally takes the 'scenic route').  Never pass the Road Captain,
  • A Rear Road Captain will ride at back of the group,
  • Ride in staggered formation, maintaining a 2 - 4 second gap.  Ride in single file on narrow, winding roads or when directed to do so by the Road Captain,
  • Keep to the road speed limits, regularly checking the position of the bike behind you and keep a safe distance from the rider in front,
  • New members to the Chapter and inexperienced riders will be asked to ride at the rear of the group on their first few rides.